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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fight Music: The World's Love Affair With Training To Music

Here’s the blog that I know at least one of you is waiting for. Admittedly this is probably one more than the usual number of people interested in what I write.

Our topic today ladies and gentlemen is my and the rest of the world’s love affair with training to music. You can visit as many gyms as you want up and down the land but it will always be the same, the vast majority of people whether they are lifting weights or churning out the miles on the treadmill people will be listening to music. Some use music to hold a rhythm especially when running, others use it for motivation. Other people are just a bit weird and watch TV, but for the purposes of this blog I’m going to ignore these people.  (They are a strange lot anyway)
Personally I find it very difficult to train without music, like I find it very difficult to train with other people, in the sense that when I’m running or whatever I’m very much in my own head, with my own thoughts, having my own personal battle with myself.  So the music I listen to is picked specifically for training. It’s loud, its aggressive it’s hard hitting. We are taking about stuff like Marilyn Manson, M.O.P, and Eminem. If it’s loud and has guitars in there’s a fair chance I’ll listen to it. When it’s playing I’m dead to the outside world, I’m just focussed. I’d also like to point out here that if you haven’t trained at least once to any of the ‘Rocky’ soundtracks you need to sort your life out. Music associated to ‘Rocky’ has magical powers, trust me. I’ve always found Bill Conti’s ‘Going the distance’ is immense. (Think strings and running up steps)

However some people take this all a bit less seriously than me. (Bridg, this is your bit) For example, my friend Bridg will listen to whatever is on the radio at the time. There is absolutely no thought that goes into it what so ever. She will happily just cycle away on the bike content that something is on in the background. Now, I have one problem with this, how do you train to a ballad? Picture the scene… you’re going through the pain barrier; your personal best time is in sight just as the DJ on the radio announces ‘Up next it’s Robbie Williams with Angels’… Yeah exactly. That’s not going to cut it for me. But apparently for Bridg its fine, it makes no sense (much like Bridg herself) but whatever makes floats your boat.
So maybe it’s just about having something on in the background? Who knows? Robbie has never really done it for me though I’ll be honest. Anyway, I will now present to you some of the songs I train to. Try them out, you never know, they might just make those painful and monotonous hours in the gym a little easier to bear.

Eminem – Til’ I Collapse
M.O.P – Ante Up

Bill Conti – Going the Distance

 Bishop Lamont - Wanted Man

AC/DC – Hells Bells

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