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Friday, 14 June 2013

Summer Transfer Window 2013 - What To Expect (Part 1)

Now that the football season is done and dusted and there isn’t really any football on this summer, thoughts of fans, players agents and chairmen alike have turned to the transfer window. I know the Confederations Cup is about to get underway but the Confederations Cup is to football and football fans what that really rough girl in your local is to dating… Really not good enough but if that’s all that’s on offer, then it might have to do.

So in light of that, it’s all about the transfer window. Is your star player going to stay put? Will your club finally make that marquee signing your chairman is always going on about? And is that kid you’ve signed from that team in Eastern Europe actually any good?
Here is my rundown of what types of business we can expect clubs to be doing. A full club by club list would have taken me forever so I’ve picked out what I think are the interesting bits. I also had every intention of doing this in one post but as I’m writing it, it seems it to be a tad long so this will now in fact be part 1.

I’m going to start with Manchester City, as they inevitably will be throwing money round like they are playing Monopoly, and they haven’t wasted any time in doing so having already signed Fernandinho and Jesus Navas for a combined £45.9 million. (Figures taken from BBC Sport website) But I do think that they have to spend as their squad could do with some serious freshening up, as I think they have a very strong 1st 11 but their squad overall lacks depth, and a few players could find themselves heading towards the door. Kolo Toure has agreed a move to Liverpool, and Lescott, Sinclair, Dzeko, Tevez, and Maicon will probably all move on.
Now I don’t know if you’ve heard but Jose Mourinho is back at Chelsea. I know it came as a shock to me as well when I read it, no one in the media had mentioned it. Yes the tabloid sports wring press’ wet dream has returned and he has returned to a team that in my view at least isn’t far away. It seems Lukaku will get his chance up top so they are pretty well stocked for strikers; they have some of the best attacking midfielders in the league, and a strong keeper. So I think a central midfielder as Lampard isn’t getting any younger and centre back as Cahill just isn’t good enough should be enough for them to mount a title challenge.

It is a similar story over at Manchester United. Despite what the press kept saying for much of last season there isn’t a great deal wrong with the squad. They still need a couple of central midfielders and they could do worse than taking Yohan Cabaye up on the ‘come and get me plea’ he made last week. Zaha has already come in although he may be loaned again back to Crystal Palace, and Uruguan U20 right back Guillermo Varela has been signed in the last few days. But more interestingly the Wayne Rooney situation rumbles on. When he last put in a transfer request he was in a position of power he was at the top of his game and playing well, but this time he is far from it. And a lot of United fans that I know are just getting fed up with him now and the way that I see it they already have a ready-made replacement in Kagawa so he can go if he wants. Having said this I think he will end up staying not because United need him or he has had a change of heart but rather that he has little to no realistic options available elsewhere.
Now that’s all for part 1, stay tuned for part 2 folks.

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