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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Throwback Thursday: Nelly - Hot In Herre

After a very in depth meeting with some of my readers last night (I met a few of them in the pub) it has come to light that they think that I’m writing too many sports blogs. I don’t think I do but I’m willing to listen to the people who take time to read what I do, I can’t afford to lose anymore readers! So in response to that request this will be the 1st of many music related posts to come in the future.

So, right, back to the matter in hand. This week’s throwback track is ‘Hot in Herre’ by Nelly. It’s hard to believe looking at his latest material that 11/12 years ago Nelly was huge! Everything he put out was a hit. His debut album Country Grammar was a massive hit and the follow up Nellyville kept his good run going.
This record produced by The Neptunes was released in April 2002 reached number 4 in the U.K. And before anyone throws a strop over the fact I’ve picked another Nelly track, I’m only putting up what people ask for, so if there’s something you want to hear let me know.

In the meantime, turn this all the way up and pretend its 02 and you’re still living the dream

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