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Sunday, 27 April 2014

NEW! Sister Shotgun - For The Love Of Hate (Plus Video)

I first came across these guys probably around 5 months ago not long before they appeared on the same bill as Musical Outcast staple Out Of Sanity. The few recordings that I heard really impressed me and on the night in question they were opening the gig but put on a great show. So basically ever since I have been keeping a bit of an eye on their progress, and the hype has slowly been building on social media over the last few weeks over this project but now the wait is finally over.

Sister Shotgun are rock band from Stourbridge *Cheers* (Sorry Stourbridge is my hometown) and they are Chloe Ozwell (Vocals) Martyn Bullock (Lead Guitar) Niall Willis (Rhythm Guitar) Michael Wood (Bass/Keys) and Adam Yeardley (Drums) Now as you will notice that they are fronted by a young lady called Chloe, but frankly if I see the term ‘Female fronted rock band’ again I’m going smash my laptop to pieces. I don’t care if a band are fronted by ET it’s all about what the music is saying, gender is totally irrelevant. So with that in mind what is the music saying?

First up this isn’t the original version that I heard on Reverbnation, the track has undergone a little of tweaking since then and if I am being perfectly honest it’s all the better for it. The track itself is a slow build, the vocal floats almost hauntingly over the top of some stripped down guitars for the most part and that really puts the emphasis on what the song is saying lyrically. There’s also an element of suspense, this may be totally unintentional but while the track is building you get the impression that there is a big drop and a guitar solo coming but we are just being teased until the time is right.

Lyrically the song treads the well-worn path of a tale of suicidal despair but there seems to be a real sincerity here, I don’t know if it’s the delivery of the lyrics or what but it feels ‘real.’  Although most of us have not had these extreme feelings the lyrics are still easily relatable as the central themes of despair and helplessness are feelings we have all felt to some degree.

I would save you but it’s too late.’

The track kicks up a gear towards the end with a great guitar solo, before things return to a more sombre tone as song fades out. The accompanying video is pretty simple but is very effective and compliments the song well, which despite what label executives will tell you is actually the point.

In short this is a very very good track. Everything is totally on point; there is a real polished feel to the song without taking away the raw emotion and that is particularly impressive. The band have a great look, they have a great sound, they are great live and they can really write a song. The future is bright for rock music in the Black Country and the future could well be Sister Shotgun. 

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