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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Throwback Thursday: Rolling Stones - Wild Horses

It might be a new year but some things never change my friends, Throwback Thursday is back! And the first edition for this shiny new year is an absolute classic.

This track is taken from the 1971 legendary album Sticky Fingers and was released on 12th June of the same year. Most people might hear the Stones and think of the bigger up tempo tracks like ‘Satisfaction’ or ‘Brown Sugar’ but this country style ballad I believe is one of the best things that they ever recorded. Just to put that into perspective even me and my girlfriend agree that this is probably one of the best things they ever did. That’s how good this track is. Bringing people together.
It was written by Jagger and Richards and was ranked #334 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the ‘500 greatest songs of all time.’ Apparently it’s also Mick Jagger’s ex-wife Jerry Hall’s favourite Stones record. Beat that for trivia.

Anyway shut of the world for 5 minutes and pay this some attention. Beautiful record.

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