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Friday, 19 April 2013

NEW MUSIC! Black Sabbath - Is God Dead

Yes, you did read that right; we have new music from legends Black Sabbath. And I have to say that it is brilliant.

It’s taken from the bands upcoming album ‘13’ which is due out on the 11th June. (There you go Sam) ‘13’ will be the 1st full studio album from the group since ‘Forbidden’ in 1995 and the 1st to feature Ozzy Osbourne since ‘Never say die’ in 1978!

When I saw early last night that Zane Lowe had got the world exclusive 1st play of the new Sabbath single I was very very nervous. I was excited because I’m a huge Sabbath fan and the thought of hearing the band at the top of their game once more was incredible but in the back of my mind I honestly thought it was going to be crap. It’s a well-known equation. Older/established group + new material = crap. Some when I tuned in I just didn’t want it to be awful. I really shouldn’t have worried.
It’s a classic Sabbath record. 8 minutes and 52 seconds of brilliance. It builds slowly, Ozzy’s vocals eerily wrapping themselves around the slow atmospheric heavy chords of Tony Iommi’s guitar. Around the 6 minute mark the track really picks up and hammers towards the finish with a nice little guitar solo thrown in for good measure. It’s 2 songs in 1. Think War pigs/Luke’s wall.

Original drummer Bill Ward has passed up the chance to be part of the reunion and the new album so the group have recruited Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine) and he doesn’t let the side down. Rick Rubin has been drafted in for production duties and trust me you can tell. If you know anything about me you will know that I think Rubin is a genius. He resurrected the career of Johnny Cash as well as producing for likes of Run D.M.C, Beastie Boys, Jay Z, Slayer, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Adele. He takes artists back to basics, no frills, do what you do best.
This track does all of those things, its back to basics, the band are back doing what they are good at. But most importantly it sounds amazing.

So here it is: Is God Dead…

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