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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Throwback Thursday: Snoop Dogg - Gin And Juice

It’s Thursday, so it’s an excuse for me to present to you an old song that I really like.

My original plan for today didn’t actually involve this song but after a dramatic turn of events over the last 24 hours I think this track is more suitable.
So ladies and gentlemen I bring to you Snoop Dogg and the classic ‘Gin and Juice.’ This track is taken from one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. If you ask any rap fan to list their top 10 rap albums of all time this album will almost always make an appearance.  We are of course talking about Snoop’s debut ‘Doggystyle.’

Released in 1993, it launched Snoop’s career, helped define the sound of an entire coast and is in my eyes one of the best produced hip hop albums ever and maybe even one of the best produced albums in history full stop. And to top it off it's got a great video.

‘Gin and Juice’ was the 2nd single from the album and was released on 15th January 1994. The production is amazing, the song is beyond smooth and it sounds immense when the sun is out.
I know some of you will see Snoop Dogg in the title and not give the track a listen, but just try it, you never know it might open your ears to something you may never have considered listening to before.

So click below and enjoy, see you soon.

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