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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

In Memory of Jam Master Jay: 21st Jan 1965 - 30th Oct 2002

Jam Master Jay born Jason Mizell’s influence on hip hop cannot be underestimated. But if you’re a hip hop fan you already know that. You know that famous Run DMC sound? Yeah that came from him. It was he and legendary producer Rick Rubin who came up with the ideas and created the sound that would be the Run DMC signature. But 11 years ago today he was gunned down and murdered outside his studio in Jamaica, Queens, New York. At time of writing his murder has yet to be solved.

As a member of Run DMC he established himself as one of the best DJ’s out there, but he not only worked behind the turntables he also played live instruments on some of the Run DMC albums, basically much of what became the Run DMC ‘style’ and sound came from him, he knew what would work and knew what they had to do to be successful.
Shortly before his untimely death he also worked with a young 50 Cent way before any of that buzz started. He was a student of the game he loved music. He is a legend, not only in New York, not only in hip hop but in music full stop.

And to celebrate the life of Jam Master Jay I’m going to bring you some classic Run DMC in the form of ‘It’s Like That.’ Enjoy.

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